About Errol Photography Buffalo, NY

Errol Daniels

First, let me tell you about my style of photographing weddings. Using high-end Nikon cameras and Nikon lenses, I create images that are natural, with a photojournalistic approach. I do not use “fancy” manipulative techniques in processing your images. When you look at the photos on this site, you’ll notice how natural and REAL my photos are.

I have been photographing weddings for over 20 years now. With my experience creating
photo-documentary projects around the world, I have honed the craft of storytelling
through images. And that’s what I will do on your wedding day: tell a story of your love,
your family, and this unforgettable occasion.

My photography has taken me to Cuba, where I photographed the inspirational story of a
young woman who is challenged by disability. In Uganda, I have documented stories of
children and war. And in Burma, I told stories of life during the struggle for democracy.

Photography has also allowed me the privilege of working dozens of weddings in the past
two decades; celebrating love while capturing beautiful memories for lovely, inspiring couples.

I care deeply about my clients and the memories you are making. It is my pleasure to help
you preserve precious moments, the perfect details that come with months of planning,
and the joyous spirit that weddings bring.

To see what my clients have said, view my testimonials.

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