After a year of planning our daughter’s wedding, the day was over before we knew it. Thankfully, Errol’s exceptional talent as a photojournalist has enabled us to ‘re-live’ this sacred, special time over and over again. Many images are moments that we would have otherwise missed had Errol not thoughtfully captured them on film! Errol is an accomplished photographer. The resolution and composition of his images testify to the excellence of his work behind the camera lens. Errol is also a dedicated professional. He is easy to work with, prompt in his responses and willing to accommodate unusual requests. Even doing a shoot from the top of a 90 meter ski jump! Lastly, unlike many other photographers, Errol is unobtrusive. If we didn’t have the images, we would have hardly been aware of his presence through the entire day of the wedding. Now that all our children are married, Errol is beginning to document the arrival of our grandchildren . And yes, he will go into the delivery room, too! We are proud to recommend Errol and are confident that you will be pleased with his documentation of your life event!